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we focus on driving long-term profitable partnerships with owners.
It's never been easier for owners to tap into the power of hospitality company.

  • We develop evaluation protocols for the improvement methods of all projects.

  • We communicate on project plans, follow-up, and timelines.

  • We offer you the best visibility of each project.

  • Delivery all projects on time, within budget and within overall project costs.

  • We identify the main requirements for recruiting and training teams.

  • We operate to offer the success of new establishments.

  • We ensure the follow-up of operations, and the good relations with franchise partners.

  • Establish visit cycles, evaluate the establishment, oversee training completion

  • We ensure the legal protection of your brand and integrity.

Franchise Management is all the aspects that go into operating a chain of businesses for which franchises or individual stores are sold to individuals or companies who agree to operate them as the franchisor mandates. The management aspects fall on both the franchisors and franchisees and require both to be in agreement to work successfully. Some of these features include franchisee training, site location services, purchasing of food and packaging supplies and equipment, and food quality standards. The goal is to make each franchise location as efficient and profitable as possible, by having virtually identical practices, procedures and programs. This is designed to ensure that the brand’s target consumers are receiving the same experience in every restaurant
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Our approach to each projet often impacts multiple revenue streams.
Resulting an improvement and integrated initiatives and efficiencies.
Impacting your entreprise ability to focus on the right revenue-generating an opportunities.


Business Strategy Plans & Projection

Financial Monitoring and Industry Benchmarking

Budgeting of your projects

Financial Statement Analysis​

Payroll Preparation

Analytical Review of Financial Information

Tax Projections

Cash Flow Analysis

Accounting Solutions

Onsite Training and Support

Review of Internal Controls


MHC provides the training and development services applying to: operation team, sales, marketing, revenue management and technology systems training needs.


Anticipating and navigating our clients’ challenges means being informed, understanding how to adapt to them and investing in finding solutions. With unrivalled knowledge that extends way beyond merely the construction process, coupled with our long-term relationships built on trust and transparency, we deliver all projects with agrement from the local authorithy that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We can help you to build your franchise 

Once you decide to franchise your  business, we can help you to prepare and to take on the new independent contractors that will run their individual franchises.


We will help you to build an stratregic action plan. Here are main steps you'll need to take.


Make sure your business is ready to franchise

Protect your business's intellectual property

Prepare a financial disclosure document (FDD)

Draft a franchise agreement

Compile an operational manual for franchisees

File or register your FDD

Set a strategy to achieve your sales goals

The franchisor and franchisee relationship is unique in the way that the success of the franchise is largely affected by knowing how to manage franchisees. That’s not to say that your business, marketing strategy, and overall growth plan don’t play a huge role in your success. But managing this unique relationship and working together is essential to a flourishing franchise. 

Franchisors across all industries need positive franchisee relationships with open communication to fix issues quickly and improve the customer experience. The careful balancing act of managing your franchisee without overstepping on a day-to-day level is tricky. Managing your franchisees starts at the recruitment process and goes all the way to running franchise daily operations when you take a step back. 

In this article, we try to understand the unique stages of the franchisor-franchisee relationship and some tips on how to manage franchisees. 






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