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M.H.C Hospitality is a specialist recruitment agency dedicated to supplying the best temporary candidates to the hospitality industry. Our expert team of industry professionals are passionate about making a difference and improving standards within the industry by working with our clients to provide award winning service, support and consultancy.

Entrust us with your mission

Our team of experts provides competent advice on all matters related to personnel placement, various types of contracts, and your search for new professional challenges in Europe and the Middle East. With extensive experience and a vast network built over more than 50 years, we are well-equipped to assist you.

We connect your company with professionals seeking employment opportunities. Specializing in the hospitality and restaurant sectors, we successfully place experts in these fields. As a human resources consulting firm, we not only find qualified personnel and executives for your company but also offer job seekers new professional challenges and exciting positions in various industries.

In the realm of human resources consulting, your needs are of paramount importance to us, motivating us to always choose the most suitable type of contract for you. Personnel can be quickly and flexibly placed through service leasing or contracting for temporary projects. However, a reliable permanent contract is also a viable option for personnel placement."

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