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With over 25 years of experience in hospitality developing and managing projects and recruitment for owners and companies around the world. I hold an MBA degree from IDRAC Business School and a Master 2 degree, business, finance .

I oversee the strategy, operations and financial plans for hotel and restaurant projects, working with teams to deliver on the company's goals and achieve greater business efficiencies and effectiveness. I have successfully managed businesses with annual revenues from 50M€ to 400 M€ and staff levels from 100 to 3200 in locations such as France, Monaco, Japan, UK, USA, and Middle East.

I also serve as a Vice-President at AIHM Industry & Hospitality of Monaco, where I apply my proven track record and experience in business development for the government organization, in multi-cultural business. I am goal and target focused, with a high degree of analytical skills and the ability to clearly define and develop solid strategies to support the business, drive the implementation of best practices and procedures, ensuring compliance and operational excellence.

I am passionate about creating value and impact through innovation, collaboration, and leadership. I am a brand ambassador with relationship-building prowess, cultivating strong connections with both internal and external stakeholders, including owners and the community, and focusing on the ownership group's investment objectives and formulating strategic business plans that align with those objectives, preservation, and maximization of the hotel’s assets.

"The main strengths of M.H.C are to include the development of solid strategies that support the businesses, to drive the implementation of best practices and procedures ensuring compliance and cultural growth thus delivering excellence and satisfaction of your customers."​

Vice-President of AIHM Corporate Hospitality Monaco

Raphael Rouget

Managing Director

M.H.C Management & Strategy

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